Six times is enough The Bottle

The Bottle

The transformation of this remarkable vessel took place in a rented garage in the Antwerp Harbour.

The hull of the bottle is made of 6 mm thick plate steel and epoxy reinforced laminate. A gigantic crown cork tops it. The cabine is situated in the back of the bottle, on top of the miniature engine room.

The necessary horse power is delivered by a Nanni 85 Hp diesel motor with Linde hydrostatic drive. An oil pump connected to this motor powers a hydraulic motor attached to a short propeller shaft.

This will be the first time a boat powered thus crosses the Atlantic.

Fons bij de flesStabilisatievin
crown cork, stabilizers

Two junk sails make it possible to profit favourable winds. The two electro-hydrolic driven stabilizing fins originally planned, were not placed.
The hydraulic anchor windlass and bow propeller are placed in the neck of the bottle. Finally the crown cork was replaced by a wine cork made out of epoxy foam.

Inside the Bottle

The bottle form is not only chosen for promotional reasons. This volume also has very low air- and waterresistance.

As always, Fons devotes special attention to the safety and sea worthiness of the boat. The sturdy construction of the hull and the carefully designed extra parts ensure all circumstances can be safely met.