Six times is enough The Itinerary

The Itinerary

The Marcel, a big cargo ship needed nine days to bring the Bottle from Antwerp to Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The cold and rough February North Atlantic waters delayed the voyage for several days.

In Santa Cruz Fons and Kee made preperations to leave the island as soon as possible because a long and difficult voyage lay ahead. Taking care of food, dieselfuel, testing engine and drivesystem was very important. On March 2006 they left for the Cape Verde Islands which after nine days came in sight. The next part of the adventurous voyage had to bring the Bottle to Dakar-Senegal. On Februari 2007, after a two months Atlantic crossing, Fons and Kee reached their final destination, the island of Barbados. The long and difficult trip was exausting and tiresome and the smal crew needed some rest after handling the not so easy to steer vessel for almost a year.      

The itinerary