Six times is enough Six times is enough

In a bottle-shaped boat from Europe to Africa and North and South America... and back to Europe

Since 1974 Fons Oerlemans and his wife Kee Arens have undertaken several transatlantic crossings with exceptional, spectacular vessels, designed and constructed by Fons himself. The bottle project is his 7th home made construction, and his 6th adventure on the high seas. Fons en Kee

Already in 1994 he started construction work on a bottle shaped vessel, equipped with wings. This vessel had a maximum velocity of 70 kilometers per hour and was destined to speed from New York to Europe in record breaking time.

The flying bottle answered all technical and nautical requirements. In 1999 Fons decided to close this project.

In 2003 he started the transformation of the winged bottle to a bottle with sails to cross the Atlantic from Europe to the American continent. This project is in the final stages.3